1. "Que gran doctor"

  2. I call it Regalo pesado (“heavy gift”)

    Monday comes like a loaded gun
    and I’m trying to escape
    Want to run
    Want to chase the sun
    Let it wash the world away
    Looking out on an empty street
    Thinking change is what I need
    I feel slow, there’s an open road
    And I need some sweet release

    The Getaway - Michelle Branch ft. Timbaland

  3. e.m.

    You live too far away

    Your voice rings like a bell any way
    Don’t give up your independence
    Unless it feels so right
    Nothing good comes easily
    Sometimes you’ve got to fight
    Amber is the color of your energy

    - 311

  4. december 17, 2013

    Don’t give up the fight to stay alive and even if 
    you have to
    Find the reason of another’s pain if they lose you
    If not for yourself then those around who care like I do
    One day you’ll see the clear blue
    Beyond the gray sky

    - 311

  5. december 9, 2013 

  6. december 2, 2013

    Well I’ve been going through the motions
    Wonder if anyone can see 
    That I been looking for something
    Have you been looking for me?

    Well, I ain’t the same no more
    In fact I’ve changed from before
    No, you ain’t gonna find me
    Oh, no, ‘cuase I ain’t who I used to be

    Well, I used to be a little girl
    Just a smiling, feeling free
    I wasn’t worried about nobody
    Nobody worried about me

    Well I ain’t the same no more
    In fact I’ve changed from before
    No, yoy ain’t gonna find me
    Cause I ain’t who I used to be

    - the Alabama Shakes

  7. november 26, 2013

    My mind’s a long, long way from it was then
    And now the good times just keep drifting back in
    Breathe it on out the in will come so freely
    You’ll figure it out the answer will come so clearly dear
    Let it all go ‘cause we can’t know just what will be
    Hard it is to set you free, it’s so much easier that way
    My heart sings when I think of you, that is what you do
    A melody that will settle me, that is just the thought of you

    - 311


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  10. madmodernmaiden:

    I cope with a depression that comes and goes every few months, occasionally every few years. It’s not really situational, though it can be. I’m pretty sure it’s caused by a hormonal imbalance, as I have a family history and it started with puberty.

    Most people who know…

    "Coping mechanisms don’t make depression end, but they can make you see tomorrow. They can make a difficult, horrible thing be just a little less difficult and hopeless, and they can be a mini mag-light in what feels like endless darkness, which is a hell of a lot better than just hoping your vision will adjust. "